At times you might experience issues with your USB headsets. The below instructions will attempt to assist you with your issues.

Solution 1: With your headset plugged into one of your PC’s USB ports, check to make sure the headset is set up in the “SOUND” setting of the computer as the DEFAULT device.

Step 1: From your computer click Start and select the Control Panel or use the search bar on the task bar if you have one. (This should apply to Windows 7, 8 and 10)

Step 2: From the Control Panel select Sound or Hardware and Sound.

Step 3. Make sure your headset is setup as the Default Device. You will see a green tick mark indicating the default device. If it is not the default, select the USB Headset icon, click on Set Default, and click OK.


Solution 2: Check the Volume control on your computer:

Step 1: Click on the speaker icon on the right side of the task bar. If you see an x it means your volume is on mute. Click on the x to unmute.

Step 2: If the slider is too much to the left, slide it to the right to increase the volume.

Solution 3: Change USB ports.


Solution 4: Go to the headset manufacturer’s website and download and update their driver’s on your PC. Then reboot your PC with the headset plugged in.


Solution 5: Uninstall or update the driver for your headset.

Step 1: Steps differ from operating system to operating system, however, the driver can be found in the Control Panel either under Device Manager or Devices and Printers.

Step 2: Select the USB device and click uninstall or try updating the driver.

Step 3: If you uninstall the driver, you will need to reboot the PC so the Operating System can find the device during the reboot and install the driver that came with the Operating System or have Windows update download the suitable driver for your headset.

Solution 6: Buy another brand or model of headset. The headset may be defective or your computer may just not be compatible with that brand.

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