Vicidial makes use of their own built-in algorithm for calculating the amount of calls to dial per available agent.

  • The Auto Dial Level is where you set how many lines the system should use per active agent.
  • Zero "0" means auto dialing is off and the agents will click to dial each number. 
  • If set to anything above zero the system will keep dialing lines equal to active agents multiplied by the dial level to arrive at how many lines this campaign on each server should allow.

So if the Auto Dial Level is set to 1.5 and there are 5 agents logged into the campaign, the dialer will dial 5 x 1.5 = 7.5 (This number would indicate that the dialer will dial maximum 8 calls for the 5 agents)

There is a further option that can be set to ensure that the above calculation only applies to agents that are physically available to take a call. That option is called "Available Only Tally".

When Available Only Tally is set to Y, it will leave out INCALL and QUEUE status agents when calculating the number of calls to dial.

So if Available Only Tally is set to Y and you have 5 agents total that is logged into the campaign but only 2 agents are waiting for calls whilst the other 3 are currently in-call, the dialer will calculate as follows: 2 x 1.5 = 3.

To enable the Available Only Tally option, navigate to Campaigns > Select your campaign > Detail View > Scroll down to Available Only Tally and set to Y.

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