Before your agents are able to use VICIdial, they would require a user login as well as a Phone (Extension).

Follow the below steps on create a new user on your VICIdial server:

Navigate to Users > Add New User and fill out the details as per the screenshot below and click on SUBMIT: 

Note - User names can be names instead of numerical values as this is not the extension

Once you have create a user above, you are also able to create a new user with the same permissions and settings by making use of the "Copy User" function. Please see a screenshot of this below:

NB - Please make use of secure passwords to avoid a breach of the said user. You will note that there is a password strength indicator to the right that will alert you if your password is too weak as indicated in the above screenshots.

We will now proceed to create a new phone for the user we created above.

Navigate to Admin > Phones > Add a new phone and fill out all the information as per the screenshot below:

NB - Once again as per the above notice, be sure to make your Registration Password as complex as you can as this will be the password used for registering the agent's phone to the dialer. Strength indicator showing "Strong".

For more information regarding the above, kindly feel free to request more information by contacting our support desk on (010) 035-0909 or via email at