You may use system statuses throughout all of your campaigns to disposition your calls. This can be customized according to your needs and are particularly useful for reporting.

There are 2 kinds of statuses that are used in VICIdial:

  1. System Statuses (Global statuses that are available throughout all campaigns that you create)
  2. Campaign Specific Statuses (Tied to the specific campaign that you are modifying)

To add a New System Status, navigate to Admin > System Statuses 
To add a New Campaign Specific Status, navigate to Campaigns > Select your campaign > Detail View > Statuses

Please see below a description of the different options there are to populate / select and what each one means:


The abbreviation to be used for a lead disposition. This field must be 1-8 characters in length.


A descriptive name for the status created. This field must be 2-30 characters in length.


Defines whether it shows up in the agent interface as a disposition option to choose from. This option is also known as Agent Selectable. Setting this to "Y" allows agents to select the status as a disposition after a call in the agent interface.

Human Answer:

This is used when calculating human answered calls. Setting this to "Y" will calculate drop percentage or abandon rate for calls based on human answered calls over non-human answered calls such as No Answer, DROP, Busy, Answering Machine, etc.


This option is used to identify the newly added status as a Sale. You could for example create a range of product statuses used to identify sales made per product and tag this new status as a sale that was made.


The Category option allows you to group two or more statuses to a category that can be used for statistical analysis.


Determines whether an agent can select that status at the end of their call based upon the length of the call. If the call is 10 seconds and the MIN SEC for a status is set to 20 seconds, then the agent will not be able to select that status. Also, if a call is 40 seconds and the MAX SEC for a status is set to 30 seconds, then the agent will not be able to select that status.

Further to the above there are several more settings that will define the newly create status such as the settings below:

  • DNC (Do Not Call)
  • Customer Contact
  • Not Interested
  • Unworkable
  • Scheduled Callback
  • Completed

For more information regarding the above, kindly feel free to request more information by contacting our support desk on (010) 035-0909 or via email at