Should you wish to import lead information from third-party vendors or lead-providers, you may do so by posting lead information to your Vicidial by making use of the built-in API.

Please see below an example of what a lead post would look like:

To post information to a Custom Field, use the field label variable in the URL along with the following:


Teleforge will set up the this functionality upon your request and provide you with the necessary details needed for your lead provider to begin posting leads to your dialer campaigns.

The benefits of having leads posted directly to your dialer are:

  1. No need to manually upload your leads to your dialer. Have them loaded for you in real-time from your lead provider / in-house custom auto lead loader.
  2. The ability to call leads shortly after they are generated.
  3. Automatically check for duplicate leads in your system and only load NEW leads.

For more information regarding the above, kindly feel free to request more information by contacting our support desk on (010) 035-0909 or via email at