Should you ever face the problem where your inbound calls are not reaching your agents, there are a few things that you can check before logging a ticket.

Option 1: Inbound Routing not set up correctly

First check to see if the inbound DID has been created successfully and that it is pointing to the correct destination.

Navigate to Inbound > Show DID's > Click on your inbound DID > Make sure that the inbound DID was added with a 27 in-front for example 27101234567 > DID Route and set it to either IN_GROUP, AGENT, EXTEN ...

Please see Figure 1.0 below

Figure 1.0

... and then set the Ingroup ID to your Ingroup that you have created for your inbound campaign as per Figure 1.1 below

Figure 1.1

Once you have confirmed that the routing has been set up correctly, move on to Option 2

Option 2: Make sure Allow Inbound and Blended is enabled

In your campaign settings, check that the Allow Inbound and Blended is set to Y.

Navigate to Campaigns > Select your campaign > Detail View > Change Allow Inbound and Blended to Y and click submit at the bottom.

Once you have submitted the above settings, scroll back down to the bottom and select your Ingroup from the section called Allowed Inbound Groups.

Please see Figure 1.2 and 1.3 below

The below option is set to Y to allow for blended calling on the same campaign.

Figure 1.2

The below Ingroup is just the default AGENTDIRECT Ingroup used for transferring calls, but you should see your Ingroup in the list. Just select that Ingroup

Figure 1.3

Once you have confirmed that the above is in order but you are still experiencing inbound call issues, feel free to log a ticket via our Support Portal or by sending an email to