If you find that your Drop Ratio is on the high side, there are a few things that you will need to check.

Option 1: Your auto dial level is set too high


The Auto Dial Level is used to increase the chances for your agents to speak to an actual person. There are many reasons why calls would not be connected, such as Voicemails, No Answers, Busy on the call, Declining, Calls Failing. etc 

Note - First make sure that ,if you are running a Ratio campaign, your dial level is not set too high. Your Auto Dial Level is used to dial X amount of lines per agent logged into the campaign.


You have 2 agents logged into your dialer campaign. Your dial level is set to 4, which means that the dialer will dial 4 outgoing leads per available agent logged into the dialer. This will result in 8 calls being placed for the 2 logged in agents.

If all of the calls are answered, there will only be 2 agents to take the calls which will result in 6 calls being dropped. It is therefore important to know the quality of the leads that you upload to your system so that you can adjust the Auto dial level as you need to.

To set your Auto Dial Level, navigate to Campaigns > Select your campaign > Detail View > Auto Dial Level and set it to 1 first, then gradually move it up should you need to after determining that it is your leads that not of good quality.

Please see Figure 1.0 below on where to change the Auto Dial Level

Figure 1.0

Option 2:  Your Outbound CID is not set or is not in the correct format

The upstream providers are starting to block outbound calls that do not have a valid outbound CID. This means that even though it seems that the dialer is not dialing, in actual fact it is but the calls are all failing at the provider level due to the outbound caller ID not being visible or not being set correctly. 

Please make sure that your outbound caller ID is set in the campaign settings in the following format: 27101234567 instead of 0101234567.

You can set your campaign caller ID by going to Campaigns > Select your campaign > Detail View > Campaign Caller ID and setting the caller ID as mentioned above.

Please see Figure 1.1 below on where to set the Campaign Caller ID

Figure 1.1

Option 3: Answering Machine Detection (AMD) is enabled



AMD is an option used for automatically detecting voicemails / answering machines on all outgoing calls. The system will then auto disposition the calls as AA (Auto Answering Machine) and it will then continue dialing the next number in the lead list.

When AMD is enabled it should catch all the voicemail / answering machines reducing the "dead-time" between calls. Unfortunately this option is not 100% accurate (60% -70% accurate), thus resulting in many false positives, burning leads in the process and increasing the drop percentage. 

If you suspect that AMD is turned on, you can turn it off by navigating to Campaigns > Select your campaign > Detail View > Routing Extension and change the value from 8369 to 8368. 

8368 - Default Calling behaviour (AMD turned OFF)

8369 - AMD turned ON

Please refer to Figure 1.2 below

Figure 1.2

Option 4: The Campaign Dial Prefix has not been set correctly



The Dial Prefix is used in the campaigns to identify which carrier / trunk to use for all calls in that campaign.

Should the Prefix in the campaign not match the prefix on the respective carrier to be used, all calls will fail resulting in a high Drop Ratio.

To correct the dial prefix in your campaign settings, navigate to Campaigns > Select your campaign > Detail View > Dial Prefix and make sure it is set to what your Vicidial Manager informs you to have it set to.

For more information, please refer to Figure 1.3 below

Figure 1.3

Option 5: Leads might not be loaded in the correct format

Numbers should be loaded into your lead lists with a ZERO "0" in-front of the number for example 0831234567 instead of 831234567.

You will need to check if the format of the numbers loaded in the hopper are in the correct format.

To see the leads in the hopper you will need to go to the campaign in question, click on Detail View then scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click on the link "Click here to see what leads are in the hopper right now" as per Figure 1.4 below

Figure 1.4

Option 6: The leads themselves might simply be bad

Please note that sometimes, your leads might be to blame. If all of the above steps were checked and they are all correct, then it could be that the quality of the leads are not good.

Once you have gone through all of the above steps and the drop ratio is still not coming down then you will need to log a ticket via the support portal or by sending an email to support@teleforge.co.za