When you notice that your agents are not receiving any calls from the dialer, you will need to check the following before logging a ticket with Teleforge:

Option 1: Agents are paused

Firstly please make sure that the agents are not paused or stuck on the disposition screen. You are able to see the status of the agents logged into the system by navigating to the Realtime Reports section.

First click on Reports > Real-time Main Report > See what agents are on paused status or are stuck on the dispo screen. Figure 1.0 indicates the realtime screen.

Figure 1.0 

Option 2: Hopper Issue

Check the Leads in Hopper under the respective Campaign
Set the Hopper Level minimum to 200 - 500. 

Navigate to desired campaign > Click on Detail View at the top > Scroll down to Minimum Hopper Level as per Figure 1.1 below:

Figure 1.1

Option 3: Improper Dial Status

Check the dial statuses included in the Campaign
If the new leads are to be dialed then make sure Dial Status NEW must be added.
If you are redialing the Leads, then make sure the respective list is reset and the respective dial statuses (B, A, AA, N) are added in the campaign. 

Settings under Detail View as per Figure 1.2 below:

Figure 1.2

Option 4: Call Time not set correct

Check the Local Call Time set in the Campaign.
if not sure about Local Call Time, set the Local Call Time to 24hrs as per Figure 1.3 below

Figure 1.3

Option 5: Outbound CID is not set correct

Check that your outbound Caller ID has been set and that it is correct in the campaign settings.

Enter the outbound Caller ID in the Campaign Caller ID box under the Detail View in the respective campaign you are running as per Figure 1.4 below

Figure 1.4

Option 6: Check leads in the hopper

Check that you have available leads in the hopper and that the format of the number has been correctly loaded into the list.

Numbers should be loaded into your lead lists with a ZERO "0" in-front of the number for example 0831234567 instead of 831234567.

To check if you have leads in the hopper for the campaign you are running, see Figure 1.5 below

Figure 1.5

If there are leads in the hopper, you will need to check if the format of the numbers loaded in the hopper are in the correct format.

To see the leads in the hopper you will need to go to the campaign in question, click on Detail View then scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click on the link "Click here to see what leads are in the hopper right now" as per Figure 1.6 below

Figure 1.6

When you have clicked on the link above then you should see a list of leads as per in Figure 1.7 below.

Be sure that the numbers under the PHONE NUM column is correct and added as per instructions in Option 6 above.

Figure 1.7

If you have followed all of the above Solutions and the dialer is still not dialing calls for your agents, kindly log a ticket with us via our Support Portal or by sending us an email at support@teleforge.co.za